Patika Koşusu IAF'de

Patika koşusubve temsilcisi ITRE Uluslararası Atletizm Federasyonu’nun onayladığı bir spor haline geldi. Kasım ayında Konsey tarafından da onaylandıktan sonra kim bilir belki Olimpiyatlarda da bu dalı izleyeceğiz…

Trail running is now an official sport of the international athletics after the IAAF Congress approved this recognition on August 19th. 174 members out of the 187 voters were for this recognition.
The recognition of trail running as part of the IAAF disciplines leads to a modification of the Article 2 of the statutes.

The process of integration of trail running in the international athletics world will continue in November with the validation by the IAAF Council of a new article 252, which will define trail running and will be added to the " IAAF Competitions rules".

After a year of hard work, ITRA represents :

  • 437 organiser members from 60 countries ;
  • more than 2 000 races evaluated and certified
  • a worldwide database supporting the Performance Index, currently including over 9 773 races and 404 000 runners
  • 1 035 athlete members representing 65 nationalities
  • a Facebook page created in October 2013 with currently 10 200 fans and approximately 100 new fans a month
  • 2 interns.

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